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12 Days of Presence & Power

Bringing Your Epiphany into Expression

6 Days of Purging & Purifying the Awakening Experiences of 2020

6 Days of Embracing & Embodying its Empowered Wisdom in 2021

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What a year!!! 

We'll never forget 2020, right?

As a Spiritual Leader and Conscious Living Coach, I was profoundly honored to support so many strong, grounded, spiritually wise people to deal with ALL that happened this past year. Even people who are spiritually disciplined and very capable of managing life in a state of flow and joy were struggling to deal with everything.


The constant onslaught of financial stress ... racial injustice and cruelty ... the trauma of the hurricanes and wildfires ... excessive political chaos ... on top of the horrific pandemic events with all the fear and loss of lives ... and so much more, made 2020 difficult for even the strongest and most resilient of us.


Was that true for you?

I experienced it too. It was a year of deep pain and powerful release that also brought profound expansion for me. It took all the spiritual tools in my Wisdom Arsenal to process life events at the pace it was unfolding this past year.


I'd like to share these processes with you to support you to release the pain and embrace the profound wisdom. 

I want to offer you a way to ensure you don't carry that overwhelmed mental state, and all those emotional and physical toxins, into the new year.


We all deserve to begin 2021 with a Fresh Vision and Replenished Energy.

I believe that's not only possible - it's do-able!!


I've set an intention for how I will contribute to this shift happening as we begin 2021.


I decided I will help as many people as I can to release and renew their lives - through cleansing and replenishing the Energy of their mind, body, and emotions.


If we can find the courage to embrace the opportunity for awakening that all this worldly chaos brought to our awareness, we can then transmute all that Energy to fuel our empowerment in the year ahead.

I am honoring this commitment through this simple, easy, mini-course that I designed for one purpose: 


So that I can support you to raise your Consciousness to a higher state of alignment and awareness, and provide you with a few practical everyday tools that will help you to embody that new high-vibe frequency as your new consistent Energy field.

Here's what you will experience in these 12 Days of micro-burst trainings with me:

~ You will embrace the spiritual significance of an Epiphany Experience and learn how to implement it.


~ You will honor the energetic potency within these transitional days as we wrap up 2020 and initiate 2021.


~ You will leave behind the chaos of 2020 with Clear Vision and begin 2021 ready for Empowered Expression.


Now, I realize people tend to be extra busy this time of year.

And, many people are at max capacity to take in new information.

On top of that, we've all been on a gazillion Zoom trainings, business meetings, and chats with loved ones.


So, I came up with a plan to make this super simple - quick and easy.

Only 2 minutes per day ... for 12 Days ... to RE-SET & RE-BOOT!!

What if ... that's all it took to ensure you are fully able to begin 2021 with a HIGH-VIBE and POSITIVE EXPECTIONS??

Sound too good to be true? Well, I know a way to get you there using 2 minute micro-burst video trainings.

This doesn't require you to keep a certain schedule - you can do this anytime from December through January.

They'll be delivered to your email inbox daily and you can watch them whenever it's convenient for you.



12 Daily Emails with Video and Written Guidance - 2 Minute Micro-Burst Training Each Day


3 Days of Wisdom + 3 Days of Energy Work + 3 Days of Wisdom + 3 Days of Implementation






  1. What felt most painful for you in 2020 that you are ready to release?

  2. What fears did you experience in 2020 that you are ready to honor?

  3. What enraged you or fueled a conviction for change during 2020?



  1. Cleansing the Physical Field: Energy Process to Detox Your Body

  2. Cleansing the Emotional Field: Energy Process to Detox Your Emotions

  3. Cleansing the Mental Field: Energy Process to Detox Your Mind





  1. What did you discover about your values?

  2. How did you expand personally and evolve spiritually?

  3. Who do you choose to become from this empowered awareness?



  1. The Practice of Awareness: Tool for Wisdom & Understanding

  2. The Process of Alignment: Tool for Divine Presence & Power

  3. The Protocol for Empowered Expression: Tool for High-Vibe Vision


Only $40 – Huge Holiday Savings!!

This is a limited time offer designed for the 12 Day 2020/2021 transition.

Use PayPal or Credit/Debit Card for Easy & Secure Payment Processing:  


Surprised? I know this price is unbelievably low. I could easily charge considerably more.

My intention is to make this as affordable as possible for as many people who will benefit.

I sincerely felt moved to offer Sacred support during this critical transition from 2020 into 2021.

I invite you to commit to experience this inner cleansing for yourself so you can begin 2021 with resilience.

I promise you it is well worth 2 minutes of your time over these 12 days ... and the special holiday price of $40.


You may wonder ... what if you can't begin right away? No problem, start as soon as you can..

Maybe you're unable to watch the video every single day?  Do it in batches - 3 days in one sitting.

Want to share this experience with a friend? Great!! Send them this webpage link so they can join in.

As soon as you register, you'll receive a confirmation email from me.

Then, you'll receive 12 daily emails with your 2- minute video training.

Let's be sure the Awakening experience of 2020 fuels the wisdom of Epiphany for 2021.

We can do this. You can do this. Allow me to guide you.


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